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Aging is beautiful. More experiences. More memories. More comfortability in your own skin. But who doesn't like the idea of graceful aging? Mama DG's organic rose serum hydrates, soothes, and nourishes the face, so you can walk into each day confident and glowing from the inside out. 


For Mama DG's serum, we infuse organic sunflower oil with rose hips and rose buds, over time, rather than heat, so that the healing properties of the plant materials are kept in tact. 

Ingredients: *Sunflower oil, *rose hip, *rose bud
*certified organic ingredient


Not only does rose awaken the heart and senses, but it's also medicine for the skin, with its ability to hydrate and soothe. Rose hips are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, and are known for their ability to heal damaged, scarred, or blemished skin. 

Simply wash the face at night and finish with a light amount of rose facial serum. Allow the oil to penetrate your skin overnight and awake at dawn with glowing skin! 

*Note: the rose scent is subtle, as we infuse oil with organic roses. No essential oils or fragrances are used!

organic rose facial serum

  • 2 fl oz in glass bottle

    lovingly handcrafted in los angeles, ca