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the mama dg's story

Who's Mama DG? It's a question we get asked pretty frequently. When co-founder Justin was a kid, his mom, DG, was always making salve. It was always around the house in little glass jars, and everyone used it. She wanted to create a natural alternative to nourish her skin and heal her eczema. When we decided mom's salve needed to be shared with many, we started making it ourselves, and we officially named it Mama DG's, after the woman who made us fall in love with the healing power of salve. 

our vision

We are a family business with a lot of heart. Our salve heals hands, but our vision is bigger that. Our hands are vessels, that carry out the intentions of our hearts. They, quite literally, carry our dreams, creations, and work into the world. Hands emit energy, and do so many things for us. We create our salve with our hands, in hopes that it will bring you healing in more ways than one. Our hope is that each day, you'll apply a little DG's, and take some time to give thanks for all that your hands do for you. While DG's biggest application is hands, it is an incredible formula for all areas, that acts as an incomparable lip balm, a daily facial moisturizing cream, and a healer of dry feet. The uses are endless.